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Satellite Dish Antenna

High quality SATELLITE DISH ANTENNA is offered by us that is just a special kind of antenna designed to focus on a specific broadcast source. The standard dish consists of a parabolic (bowl-shaped) surface and a central feed horn. To transmit a signal, a controller sends it through the horn, and the dish focuses the signal into a relatively narrow beam. The dish on the receiving end can't transmit information; it can only receive it. The receiving dish works in the exact opposite way of the transmitter. It is a telecommunications device used to send and receive microwave signals. The offered SATELLITE DISH ANTENNA is made for use in the various commercial applications. They are available in various types.  

16 Feet Dish Antenna

  • Material:Mild Steel and Aluminium
  • Application:Industrial
  • Product Type:Dish Antenna
Price: 59500 INR/Unit

Aluminium and Metal Dish Antenna

  • Material:Aluminium and Metal
  • Usage:For Finding All Satellite Signal Programming
  • Product Type:Dish Antenna
  • Weight:85 Kilograms (kg)
Price: 21500 INR/Unit